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03 July 2009 @ 10:05 pm
an abundance of Torchwood delights  
For the last couple of days, I've been basking in two delightful TW-related experiences, and eagerly looking forward to the icing on the fairy cake, Children of Earth. After such a long dry spell, it's almost overwhelming to have the radio plays and the culmination of the ask_world game on the same day.

As enjoyable as the radio plays have been, they still add up to just two hours and fifteen minutes, plus however much more time I spend replaying The Dead Line, or at least Ianto's monologue. Gareth is awesome. One of the perks of watching TW has been to see him maturing as a man and an actor. Of course he was a competent professional when he walked onto the set, but his growth has been phenomenal, and his talents are too. And with his beautiful speaking voice, he should be able to make a very good living in between acting jobs. And now he's trying his hand at panto - John must be proud of his role in helping Gareth develop. Barrowman probably functions simultaneously as a role model and an Awful Example; sometimes it's hard to tell them apart.

The ask_world game, on the other hand, is responsible for more hours spent online than I want to think about, and I still missed a lot. If there is anyone out there who hasn't been playing in this particular sandbox, it all started with Jack's advice-column blog, which was very funny on its own; its motto was "I shoot your 21st-century problems in the face." Then a brilliant and twisted mind decided that Ianto needed a blog too, and ask_aboutcoffee was born (without consulting the then-unknown creator of ask_captainjack). These two played off each other the way I would imagine exceptionally brilliant jazz musicians could improvise and mesh together seamlessly. Together they created a world every bit as real as the television canon, with cocky but loving Jack who thinks he's the best boss and boyfriend imaginable, and adoring but commitment-phobic Ianto who lies like a rug (he had been broken by Lisa's death, but Jack fixed him with his cock). From the beginning, both creators welcomed and responded in character to comments from nonplayers who were enthralled by their world. Before long, they were joined by Gwen, Rhys, Martha, the Ninth Doctor, PC Andy, Queen Elizabeth II and her butler, Janet the weevil, and the one who made me laugh most of all, John Hart (oh_doask). I know I've left some characters out (the Time Agency rep, Jenny, who else)? If you didn't already know it, there are some very, very intelligent people in this fandom.

Anyway, I know that the perception of humor is even more variable than perception of beauty, and not everyone would find this universe as hilarious as I do. But even more important than the humor is the warmth and acceptance that people showed each other, not only the regular players, but those of us they came to call their civilians. I was a little hesitant to jump into someone else's game by commenting, but the response was so welcoming that I felt a part of the group in no time. And for that, I want to thank everyone who was involved. It had been decided earlier to end the game before Children of Earth, so a few days ago the entire entourage was catapulted into the 53rd century during a party to celebrate the six-month birthday of the adorably evil flappy-eared beagle Max-Theresa. Goodbye and thank you all!
neifile7neifile7 on July 6th, 2009 01:49 am (UTC)
Well, seconding everything about askverse! As you know. I too had some hesitations about joining the game at first, but the players were so welcoming that the sheer fun soon outweighed any self-consciousness. Don't want to think how many hours I gave to the sandbox, either...but it made up for all that was wacky/wanky in fandom and RL all spring long. CoE has a tough act to follow!
mwrganamwrgana on August 4th, 2009 03:50 pm (UTC)
Have you got links for the ask-verse, please?
teaboyfanteaboyfan on August 4th, 2009 04:23 pm (UTC)
Here's a link to their reaction to CoE, which helped a lot of us stay sane: http://ask-aboutcoffee.livejournal.com/36837.html
From here you can go to his journal and backtrack. All the background you really need to know to get into it from this last entry: a few weeks ago Jack took Ianto out, got him drunk, and married him in a quasi-Druidic rite; the beagle puppy is Max to everyone except Jack, who calls him Theresa; and some time ago Jack became convinced that Ianto was going to run off with the Doctor, so he hid all his ties and shoes.

I switch between this icon and yours according to the seriousness of the comment. Thanks again for sharing!

And to combine everything into one message: my sympathy on the loss of your pet. Three-plus years is indeed a ripe old age for a rat, and I know you miss him. We lost our 17-year old marmalade cat Arthur last year, and I still catch myself looking for him.
mwrgana: tosser daviesmwrgana on August 4th, 2009 04:53 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Hon, for all of that.

I'm so sorry about Arthur - there's always a them-shaped hole in the world, isn't there? *hugs*

I was looking for Ali in the cage, this morning, as I sat on the side of my bed - when the only reason I was sat there was because I was getting dressed ready to bury him.