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01 May 2009 @ 09:45 am

This is only tangentially related to Torchwood, but I can't let the upcoming 90th birthday of an icon pass unacknowledged: Pete Seeger will be 90 on Sunday.  According to CNN, he performed at the New Orleans Jazz Fest recently with his grandson, and said in an interview:

"CNN: How important is it to have storytelling out there in this day in age?

Seeger: There's always a danger that you let the machine do it for you. And I think what we are going to see in the next few years, is people finding a way they can do something themselves. Whatever it is.

I put it this way: The agriculture revolution took thousands of years, the industrial revolution took hundreds of years, but the information [revolution] is only taking decades. And if you use it, use the brains God gave us, miracles are going to happen. "

I was an undergraduate during the folk revival of the 60s, and his position can't be overestimated; his influence on Baez, Dylan, and others was enormous. To see him still performing is amazing.  He has been a voice for oppressed people all his life, and in recent years has been active as an environmentalist trying to save the rivers of upstate New York.

Here's a link to him singing his sister Peggy's "I'm gonna be an engineer," one of my favorites. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgzl1Sai4Y0

Happy Birthday, Pete! And many more.
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20 March 2009 @ 12:03 am
A post seems to have been removed and a wrist-slapping administered by the mods - well-deserved. The subject of the post was an attack on GDL's behavior and personal appearance at Hub 2. It was good to see that most responses pointed out that, while he may drink rather a lot by some people's standards, and his language can be rough, he behaves well toward the fans. The general raunchiness is exactly what a lot of attendees seem to want from him anyway. Blackbird_Song, as usual, posted a thoughtful and balanced response; most of what I said was restating her remarks. The only thing I would like to write here and have on the record is that GDL is an extremely talented actor and intelligent man. He is not Ianto, but he has had a lot of input into the creation of Ianto, such as the tears at the end of his segment in Fragments. I also wondered whether maybe the drinking and language are an attempt to distance himself from the character. Con appearances are public performances, after all, and there's no reason to assume that GDL on stage in front of screaming fans is the same man you'd meet one-on-one over a couple of beers in a pub. Maybe he doesn't want to be typecast as the prim and proper butler type; he has already shown that he can be that, and that he can be a kickass field agent, and an emotionally vulnerable but enormously caring man.  Now he's showing us the raunchy rock musician persona.

The OP's other complaint was that he has put on weight and wears ugly hats, I believe. Feh.
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19 October 2008 @ 11:36 am

Weapons Review – Torchwood Style


“Welcome to Torchwood Three. As our newest team member, you need to show me your skill level at a number of relevant activities, including marksmanship and selfdefense.”

“Torchwood One provided all of its employees with a basic level of weapons training and unarmed combat techniques, Sir.”

“Understood. I still need to assess your talents firsthand. Okay, stand here, feet shoulder width apart. Take the weapon in your right hand, and put your left hand like this…”

“Nothing was said about groping, Sir.”

“Technically, this is you groping me. THIS is me groping you…Wow!”

“Thank you, Sir.”

17 October 2008 @ 08:30 pm
Well, I'm going to start with some random and disjointed thoughts, as I get used to using the computer instead of a yellow pad and black pen. Was watching excerpts from "Cyberwoman" on Youtube and noticed two points: Jack did not force Ianto to execute Lisa, despite his threats, and the rest of the team did not allow Jack to bear the full responsibility, as I'm sure he would have done. They stood together as a firing squad; if Jack had acted alone, Ianto could never have forgiven him. That scene reminded me of the bit in Wiseguy, when evil accountant Sid has taken Frank's ex-wife hostage and Frank is standing by with the rifle to take him out. Vince offers to take the shot for him, knowing that there would be no hope of a reconciliation if Frank kills him in front of her. Frank knows it too, but loves Vince enough to refuse, saying "You're already carrying enough." How warped is that, when the best way to express love is to offer to kill for the beloved.
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